Monday, 06 June 2016 10:30


"Expectation can be damaging, especially in the entertainment industry. You promise to blow minds and defy belief. You incite extreme excitement. You are not doing yourself any favours here; it's a year-end function, a 21st, a 50th or a wedding.

EVERYTHING must be perfect and the client is so stressed that they're physically incapable of enjoying the party. And remember: you've already promised them the world.

Inevitably, things go wrong. Someone fails to deliver. The supplier defaults. The middleman miscommunicates. The result is an uncomfortable customer. An angry customer. A disappointed customer.

"And who wants that? Not me!" quips Nina van Deventer. "Tell them it'll be ready in a timeframe that gives you room for mishaps. The plan never goes the way it should. The difference between failure and success is often how you manage that."

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