It’s about time Cape Town starts putting their high rise buildings to better use – 2 Oceans Vibe featured NVD Property & Project Management as location specialist to find the perfect property for you – You can either rent the locations for holiday, book them for shoots, or hire one for a special occasion or corporate event.

The possibilities are endless and we’re opening a new Rooftop venue in 2017 – Cartel Rooftop 2 at Cartel House situated at 113 Loop Street.

It’s About Time Cape Town Started Putting Our High-Rise Buildings To Better Use

“It should be no surprise that Cape Town has scores of unrivaled property locations. Whether it’s situated high on the mountain slopes with uninterrupted panoramic sea views, or tucked behind a vineyard of award-winning grapes, people flock from all over the world to either buy, rent, or hire the most beautiful venues of the Cape.

With little knowledge of who owns what and the variety of features one can enjoy from one location, people tend to go with what they know.

But then you get those who are not only in the know, but have actual listings of properties and what they have on offer.

Like Nina van Deventer of NVD Property & Project Management.

Nina is in the business of event management, as well as having access to an impressive listing of magnificent locations which you can see on her website. You can either rent the locations for holiday, book for them shoots, or hire one for a special occasion.”

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