NVD Property & Project Management had the pleasure of hosting Sorbet Group at the Cartel Rooftop on Thursday, 20 October for their nail launch.  This is what Aimee Sparks, Event Coordinator at the Sorbet Group, had to say about the event:

“I, Aimee Sparks the Event Coordinator for the Sorbet Group would like to extend my thanks to you and your team for Sorbet’s incredibly successful nail launch at your venue. The venue was beautiful and big enough to fit all our guests who enjoyed the unique ambience and view. A special thanks to the Cartel Rooftop Bar for allowing Sorbet to use your space as well as caring for us every step of the planning process. I would also like to add that the food and drinks were amazing and enjoyed by all. Hopefully Sorbet will be able to use your trendy venue for future events and I will certainly recommend your space to friends, family and colleagues. Thank you!”

Please see below some photos from the event.

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